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Clients say Mick’s exciting, motivational, action-oriented presentations have given their employees a new sense of direction, understanding and hope. This page provides an overview of what Mick has to offer. You can click on the links below to take you directly to the relevant topics.

Managing the Millennials (twenty-somethings)
Develop a Strategic Plan For Your Life
The Ethics Challenge – Facing the Herd
Four Essential Skills for Leading And Living
Lead Change – Manage Transitions
Building Successful Teams
Empowerment Is A Way of Being And Doing
Trust: It’s Building Blocks and Benefits

Life-Mastery, Self-Correction and Ethics: Mick Ukleja at TEDxSoCal

Managing the Millennials (twenty-somethings)

Mick Speaking Businesses, educational institutions, government agencies, and nonprofits are all experiencing the challenge of managing across generations. As noted in a recent USA Today headline, “Businesses are struggling to keep pace with a new generation of young people entering the workforce who have starkly different attitudes and desires than employees over the past few decades.”

Mick delves into the skills needed to bridge this attitude and values gap. He will share insights from a three-year research project that identifies key managerial leadership competencies that demystify the generational disconnect experienced in today’s workplace.

Topic Take Aways: 

  • Gain greater understanding of how you can support the development of an organization in which leaders, managers and Millennials can thrive collectively.
  • Learn what separates effective managers from challenged ones
  • Define The Generations: their social markers and demographics
  • Discover the values and aspirations of Millennials (individuals born after 1980)
  • Explore the perceived disconnect between Management (Authority) and Millennials
  • Learn the 9 competencies for managing Millennials

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Mick is the co-author of Managing the Millennials: Discover the core competencies for managing today’s Workforce.  (Wiley Publishing – in it’s 5th Printing).

Develop a Strategic Plan For Your Life

As a leader are you too busy doing what you have to do, to consider what you want to do? Mick presents the ideas and inspiration found in his book, Who Are You?  What Do you Want?: Four Questions That Will Change Your Life. He will guide you in the art of asking the right questions that get to core issues. Four questions: Who are you and what do you want? Where are you and why are you there? What will you do and how will you do it? Who are your allies and how can they help? This Four Dimensional Thinking model was developed through years of observations, consulting, and working with leaders. Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager, who wrote the forward say’s this, “The four questions provide you a means to gain perspective and clarity to deal successfully with every personal and professional challenge you may face.” Small steps today create large changes over time.

Topic Take Aways: 

  • Have clarity about your different roles—what others expect of you in that role, and what you expect of yourself.
  • Rediscover what you are really passionate about, and be able to define values for the “Best of Your Life”.
  • How to get unstuck – work unfulfilling, exercise out of whack, relationship isn’t what it should be, etc.
  • The difference between a problem and a predicament – addressing the symptom instead of the system.

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Mick is the co-author of Who Are You? What Do You Want? Four Questions That Will Change Your Life. (Perigee, Penguin Group).

The Ethics Challenge – Facing the Herd

Mick SpeakingAmerica is a nation of laws. Ironically, we face a hurdle in the rules-based nature of our society.  We need a strong ethical grounding. A sense of mission and a culture of trust are important, but not enough. Ethics must complement the rules. This starts on the inside.  You don’t get a culture of ethics without personal transformation. The ethical leader within will complement the outward ethical standards. Both compliance and character qualities are to be seen as a team. Tom Peters, Uber-Guru of management commented on Mick’s book and said…… “Read the Ethics Challenge. Please act on it. Your professional and family life alike literally depend on it.”

Developing cultures of ethics is needed today more than ever.

  • More than half of employees at Fortune 500 companies observed misconduct this past year (52%) (Ethikos, July 2012)
  • Pressures of high revenues, growth, fuel compliance shortcuts (Reuters July 2012)
  • Ethics group warns of “steep decline” in workforce trust (Workforce, March 2012)
  • Employees everywhere say they face increasing pressure to commit ethical violations (Business Insider, February, 2012)
  • 45 percent have witnessed workplace misconduct (The Orange County Register, January, 2012)
  • Latest national business ethics survey reveals looming ethics downturn in corporate America (Corporate Compliance Insights, January, 2012)

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Topic Take Aways: 

    • Learn the 6 keys to developing an ethical culture
    • Understand 2 strong forces that must be kept in balance
    • Gain insight into the power of the emotional force field
    • Know your own specific unenforceables

Mick is the co-author of The Ethics Challenge: Strengthening Your Integrity In A Greedy World.(Morgan James).

Four Essential Skills for Leading And Living

The greatest limitations leaders experience are usually self-imposed. One of the more difficult things to overcome is our own frame of mind or more simply put – our moods. Mick makes it clear in this presentation that it is the nature of the presence of the leader that most impacts his or her organization. The skills include; mastering my moods, maintaining my focus, managing my time, and maximizing my talents.

Topic Take Aways: 

  • Increased communication skills
  • Improved personal management
  • Greater adaptability
  • Stronger interpersonal effectiveness

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Lead Change – Manage Transitions

Change is always happening.  It sometimes brings things that are great, and things that are difficult.  Change is 30% logical and 70% emotional.  You make a change, but the work comes in managing the transitions.  Where is your organization related to change in the Focus-Energy Matrix?  Nationally, 20% of employees are disengaged (high focus/low energy), 40% are distracted (high energy/low focus), 30% procrastinate (low focus/low energy), and only 10% are purposeful (high focus/high energy).

Topic Take Aways: 

  • Readiness – greater awareness of the affect of change on your business
  • Vision – increased ability to move yourself and others through change
  • Innovation – more able to make it easier for yourself and others to change
  • Speed – moving through change faster with less cost, emotionally and financially

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Building Successful Teams

It often comes as a surprise that it is not the job of one person to build the team but the effort of all team members. Mick outlines five components that every leader must be prepared to do to build their team. Developing trust and creating mutual accountability are two of the five behaviors that he will teach his audience to adopt. How do you assess and handle conflict? What are the characteristics of a highly anxious team?  How do you manage anxiety in a responsible way?

Topic Take Aways: 

  • Know the four disciplines of a healthy organization
  • Gain insight into healthy conflict vs. aberrant conflict
  • Learn how to build team cohesion
  • Spot the signs of a passive-aggressive culture
  • See the difference between commitment and compliance
  • Understand how to embrace resistance

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Empowerment Is A Way of Being And Doing

How do you enhance and expand the role of empowerment in your company/organization?  Success in maximizing the benefits of a truly empowered organization does not come easily or quickly.  Yet there are some great concepts and tools that you can immediately learn.  Empowerment is not a technique.  It is a way of being and doing.  It is much more than delegation.  It has at its core self-efficacy: a belief in one’s personal ability to do a task.

Topic Take Aways: 

  • Understand what empowerment is and is not
  • See the five qualities an empowering leader provides
  • Learn the characteristics of an empowered culture
  • Gain insight into the Four-Step Empowerment Model
  • Imbed into your business authority, accountability, alignment and ableness
  • Know the cultural context in which empowerment grows

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Trust: It’s Building Blocks and Benefits

The benefits of high trust cannot be overemphasized.  Productivity, creativity, innovation, revenue, and employee engagement are at the top.  Mick will develop the groundwork for trust.  It’s based on a perception people have, but it impacts behavior. That resulting behavior gets recycled and impacts trust even further. The spiral will either be upward or downward.  Either way, trust impacts revenue, profits, and prosperity.

Topic Take Aways: 

  • Learn the building blocks of trust
  • Spot the 7 warning signs of a lack of trust
  • Know 5 behaviors that erode trust
  • Understand the system for building a culture of trust
  • See the 7 benefits that result from trust
  • Do these 5 action steps when trust is broken

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Various Videos/Articles Featuring Mick Ukleja

Mick Ukleja: Author, Speaker and Executive Coach
Who Are You? What Do You Want? NBC Interview
Life-Mastery, Self Correction and Ethics: Mick Ukleja at TEDx SoCal
15 Minutes with Mick Ukleja (Long Beach Business Journal – November 06–19, 2012)

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