What People Are Saying

Ken Blanchard

Mick Ukleja and LeadershipTraQ have really made a difference in people’s lives. He has brought together top thought leaders and given them an audience that is open to learning about being even greater and more effective leaders.

It has been a joy for me to be a part of his network.

—Ken Blanchard
Co-founder, The Ken Blanchard Companies
Co-author, The One Minute Manager

Peter Economy

Mick Ukleja, Founder of LeadershipTraq, is without a doubt one of today’s leading authorities on the topic of leadership. His work in the areas of ethics and leading the Millennials is both inspirational and groundbreaking, and he has personally worked with some of today’s most accomplished leaders.

Mick is changing the world ― one organization at a time ― and I for one cannot wait to see what organizations will benefit from his expertise next.

—Peter Economy
Associate Editor, Leader to Leader magazine

Dr. Victoria Halsey

LeadershipTraq’s Founder, Mick Ukleja has a positive, inspiring presence combined with a powerful message that encourages all who hear him speak to take a look at their lives, use the new insights gleaned to create their future and jump out of their chairs in applause.

He models what he shares and leaves you grateful for and ready to use your gifts while claiming your leadership potential. You will love him.

—Dr. Victoria Halsey
Author of Brilliance by Design: Creating Learning Experiences that Connect, Inspire and Engage

Bill Shumard

Mick Ukleja’s work through Leadership TraQ has had a tremendous impact on my life, both personally and professionally, as well as that of my organization—Special Olympics Southern California.

First, Mick challenges me to lead my life in an organized, purposeful manner, being ever-mindful of the impact my decisions, words and actions have—on myself as well as so many others. Through Mick, I have learned the value of casting vision, setting goals and holding myself (and others) accountable to progress and success as I would define it.

Mick and Leadership TraQ came to SOSC during a critical time in its history, setting the stage for a Strategic Planning process that has eventually led to significant athlete growth and additional resources, giving us the opportunity to change many more lives through the simple power of sports. Mick’s clear, systematic teaching and communication style was enthusiastically embraced by our staff and volunteers. But, most importantly, he modeled the gift of listening to others because “people tend to support what they help to create.”

From a spiritual standpoint, my worldview is in perfect sync with Mick’s. Therefore, I am confident that everything I learn and apply will have a lasting impact. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

—Bill Shumard
President/CEO, Special Olympics Southern California

Bob Shank

LeadershipTraq and Mick Ukleja work at the point of tension between an organization’s message and the challenge of creating a culture in which individuals, dissimilar generations, and interpersonal relations can disrupt the productivity, creativity and innovation of the team.

Whether your organizational culture needs fine tuning or a start-from-scratch overhaul, Mick brings the best-in-class knowledge of what works, today, as well as the experience in building and leading a team to get the job done.

—Bob Shank
Founder/CEO, The Master’s Program


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