written by Mick Ukleja

3 Ways To Exercise Your Most Important Emotional Muscle

One of the most important muscles we have is the emotional muscle of gratitude.  Since it’s a muscle, how can we exercise it and make it stronger? Webster defines “Contentment” as the choice to be at peace with yourself and at peace with the world around you. Contentment doesn’t lead to apathy.  It leads to […]

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written by Mick Ukleja

4 Ways To Make Friends With Your “Negative” Emotions

I was in my car hurrying to an appointment. It felt like I was hitting every stoplight. At one intersection the light finally turned “green” and the driver in front of me did not notice. What in “blazes” is wrong with them? Are they texting? Checking email? Or just “brain dead?” I “lightly” honked my […]

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written by Mick Ukleja

Every Card Deck Has a Wild Card. Use Yours!

Everyone comes into the world with a hand full of cards that was not of their own choosing. It’s the hand they were dealt. We have innate intelligence that was hard wired upon our entrance. We didn’t choose the family we were born into – nor did they choose theirs! The connections in our formative […]

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