written by Mick Ukleja

3 Essential Mindsets To Make Your Twenties Count!

I recently did a training session for the leadership team and staff of Special Olympics of Southern California. One third of the participants were Millennials.  Their attentiveness to career development and life choices was personally encouraging.  These 2 things are also at the core of the present day topic of Extended Adolescence. Just as the […]

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written by Mick Ukleja

Reflection: 5 Valuable Questions That Will Guide Your Journey

The famous Irish poet Oscar Wilde once said, “The final mystery is oneself.” But how do you unravel the mystery that is you? This can’t happen without self-awareness, and self-awareness won’t happen without reflection. Yet what does reflection really mean? Reflection is different from introspection. Introspection is simply looking in. Stopping there not only limits […]

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written by Mick Ukleja

7 Ways To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

When our dreams collide with reality, reality wins! Dreams without action is a world of make believe.  Consider the following: 96% of college professors believe they have above average teaching skills. 50% of high school students believe they will attend law school, medical school, or grad school. Time magazine asked in a survey, “Are you […]

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