written by Mick Ukleja

Why Do We Judge Others?

5 Tendencies That Ambush Our “Better” Judgment

No matter how much we think we shouldn’t judge others, we are conditioned to do it.  Making quick judgments can lead to regrets.  We narrate and share stories about others – usually without most of the facts.  We know that caution should be used when making judgments about someone’s character or choices.  Largely these are […]

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written by Mick Ukleja


“God never made any material as resilient as the human spirit” Resilience is an appealing characteristic. The temptation is to make it bigger than life. It’s not bigger than life. It’s how we go through life — successfully. Here are 5 truths about resilience to remember. IT’S NOT JUST FOR A SELECT FEW – When […]

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written by Mick Ukleja

7 Things That Drive Your Core Strengths…And Make You Unique

At your core there exists a unique set of abilities. We refer to them as strengths. These are not difficult to discover.  There are many “strength finder” type assessments that are more than capable of pointing these abilities out. What usually goes unnoticed are the multiple enablers that surround our lives and enhance our abilities.  […]

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