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Keynote Speaking

Mick is more than just an inspirational speaker.  He is also a teacher.  Those in attendance leave with practical applications that result in developing a person’s leadership capacity and passion for living at a higher level.  He will help your organization raise morale, improve retention, and discover the joy in both their work and lives.  Mick’s keynotes leave groups empowered.  He gives actionable advice that can immediately be used.  His practical principles are sprinkled with wit and humor.  He has several books on leadership and is an expert in generational diversity in the workplace.  Mick’s keynotes result in teams, cultures and organizations that want to do the right thingdo it right — and do it right now.

Organizational Development

Individual people are the organization’s greatest asset. It is the healthy relationships between people that make the organization effective. Key relationships are expressed in our interactions with one another, as a team, as well as on work-groups and boards.

Working As A Team – A healthy organization is made up of healthy teams.  This doesn’t just happen because groups get together at seminars or retreats and do well meaning, but shallow, esoteric exercises. There are basic principles that are necessary for interpersonal cohesion.  They must be recognized and developed.  This results in a healthy organization that can go further, faster, with less fatigue.  Team cohesion makes strategic consensus possible.  And that results in accomplishing the organization’s objectives.  Mick will show you how to harness some of your greatest resources.

Leadership Development – Leadership is a privilege.  It also comes with responsibility and includes accountability.  The principles of leadership are important, and the biggest principle is that leadership starts on the inside.  A leader cannot give what they do not possess.  Leadership is not a bunch of positional and authoritative ornaments that we hang on ourselves like ornaments on a Christmas tree.  It’s about who we are as a person and the kind of influence we would like to have.  Mick will inspire you and support your success by giving you the knowledge and tools to live out your leadership.

Board Development – Boards are a key catalyst to organizational development. Mick will help align your thinking strategically, understand the importance of your number one job, and develop the key disciplines necessary for organizational vitality.

Personal Strategic Coaching

A coach uses your best thinking to help you explore options and growth beyond where you could go by yourself.  Great organizations are made up of great individuals.  The goal of coaching is to achieve personal fulfillment and collective impact.  Coaching provides you with a broader perspective, expands your awareness, and reveals new choices.  Your greatness lies outside your circle of comfort.  Mick will help you expand that circle.

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