written by Mick Ukleja

How Do You Keep Millennials From Moving On?

The Cost Of NOT Investing In Training

It seems logical on the surface to cut training. After all, budgets must be trimmed in this economic environment. Not only is the training financially a burden, but there is so much on the organization’s plate that entering into this kind of “extracurricular” activity is time consuming. There is an urgent need to focus on […]

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written by Mick Ukleja

Got The Blues? Do The Opposite of What You Feel.

Avoiding These 6 Things Will Keep The Blahs Dragon At Bay

The study of happiness goes back thousands of years.  So much of it deals with the human brain.  The experts—neurologists–remind us that the brain is still a mystery.  Yet it is helpful at a layman’s level to understand some basic things about the way our brains function in relationship to happiness. For the past few […]

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written by Mick Ukleja

The (Surprising) Facts About Motivation

Are Millennials Indifferent?

Let’s start with what everyone agrees on. It’s good for employees to be motivated and not so good when they’re not. So the question then becomes, why isn’t it happening on a more consistent basis? In our work with Millennials (Gen Y), Indifference is one of their perceived orientations by the thousands of managers we […]

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