written by Mick Ukleja

5 Powerful Ways To Keep Time On Your Side

timewarpThere is no greater luxury than time!  Yet we can get so absorbed in taking care of our day-to-day obligations that we lose track of time.  We “manage it”, “waste it”, “spend it”, and “save it.”  We wish the time would come.  We wish the time would pass.  We see time fly.  We feel time drag.  We get so immersed in life that our concept of time becomes an illusion that’s amplified by the makers of timepieces.

“Our computers, our movies, our sex lives, our prayers – they all run faster now than ever before.  And the more we fill our lives with time-saving devices and time-saving strategies, the more rushed we feel.”  —  James Gleick , Author,  Faster: the Acceleration of Just About Everything

Time is our greatest luxury.  Here are 5 ways to keep it on your side.

1.    Realize you can’t manage it.  No one can manage time.  Time just is.  It’s a part of the time-space continuum.  From a theoretical physicist’s point of view, our physical universe is laid out in a four-dimensional block composed of time and our three spatial dimensions.  This means that time and your life are one in the same.  Just as you would view an expansive landscape, our lives can be viewed as a lifescape, which would be the same as a timescape.  So the only way to manage time is to manage yourself.

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written by Mick Ukleja

4 Powerful Ways You Can Profit From Discomfort

Discomfort 1When we encounter discomfort we are faced with 3 choices:  Avoidance, Resignation, or Engagement.

Avoidance has its place.  Why create discomfort where it’s not necessary?  How does one decide what is and isn’t necessary?  Going to school and work often create discomfort, but it’s necessary.  Exercising can create discomfort, but we know the benefits.  Medical procedures, even though uncomfortable, are a must.

Resignation in the face of discomfort involves acceptance.  However the shadow side of resignation is that it can put the discomforts in charge.  We become victims of the pains we encounter.

Engagement is a better strategy.  How can we leverage the discomforts – both planned and unplanned – for our personal and professional benefit?

Everyday you are either preparing or repairing

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written by Mick Ukleja

How Millennials Are Shaping Our Ideas

4 Ways They Challenge Us To Connect and Lead In Today’s World

Millennials_I was recently at a dinner party where the topic of Millennials was the main course.  The discussion evolved to the subject of The American Dream.  What is the essence of this dream?

Every succeeding generation will have it better than the last.

Enter, this new generation.  There is now the worry that our kids and grandkids won’t have the life that we enjoyed.  They won’t have

  • a bigger home
  • a better job
  • more money

than their parents.  Then again, “bigger and better” have a finite capacity.  I posed the question, “how much bigger and better can it get?”

The questions we ask help form our thinking.  Could our understanding of the American dream actually be misguiding?  How can this new generation influence our definition of “better?”

Here are 4 ways they challenge us to lead today for a better tomorrow.

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